Spectacle x Elicser: Customized Street Art Showcase

Elicser is a well-known and celebrated Toronto graffiti artist.

Recently, Spectacle partnered with Toronto graffiti artist Elicser to create custom in-store street art inspired by Spectacle’s aesthetic and eyewear.  Based on that to run with, Elicser was able to produce 3 unique graffiti images which are true to his nature yet encompass Spectacle in a way which we have never showcased before.  Since Spectacle is a Toronto-based company and brand, it was important for us to feature a local artist from Toronto as well.

Elicser Collage
The 3 paintings are now on display at our Queen St. West location for a limited time.

Elicser’s stylized portraits are a staple of Toronto’s downtown graffiti scene.  His work has been described as “dark, mysterious, brooding, and beautiful”, and it is difficult to image the city’s graffiti scene without Elicser’s “bold and affective portraits”.  Elicser was also named one of Toronto’s top 10 graffiti artists by BlogTO, and has established himself as a noteworthy name in the graffiti art world.

Elicser Signature
Elicser’s signature can be found on each painting.

According to Elicser, he was inspired by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.  This shows through Elicser’s artwork in his use of textures and colour choices.  Elicser’s pieces for Spectacle will only be on display for a limited time, so stop by the Queen St. West location soon to check it out!  His work can also be found throughout the city, mainly in the area surrounding Graffiti Alley in Toronto’s Fashion District.

For more information on the pieces done for Spectacle, please contact pr@spectaclelovesyou.com.


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